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Combo Buildings - Storage & Carport

Our metal combo buildings provide a unique solution for those who want a carport AND a storage solution. We offer multiple styles of combo and utility style buildings.

We offer the standard rear combo option where the storage is in the rear of the carport. We also offer the side storage option in which the storage is to the side of the carport.

Customize it! We can customize any metal building, including the combo, to meet your specific needs.

Combo Metal Storage / Carport Examples...

Metal carport and storage with gable end
20' x 30' Storage / Carport Combo
This building has one gable end and one 4' pedestrian door.
Portable metal building kit
30' x 20' Steel Combo
Vertical roof, horizontal sides
Metal portable building kit
30' x 20' Side Combo Building
Vertical roof, and horizontal sides. Gable end, with a side storage unit. Back end of carport is enclosed.

20' x 30' Combo
Vertical roof and horizontal sides. This combo unit add attractive and functional storage space to this home.

30' x 20' Steel Combo
Vertical roof with horizontal sides. Includes one extra panel on carport side to provide additional protection from the sun.

30' x 20' Combo for the Farm
Horizontal roof and sides, side enclosed.

30' x 20' Combo for the Farm
Horizontal roof and sides, gable end, with back end enclosed. Two roll-up doors add additional storage access and capabilities.

20' x 30' Residential Combo
Horizontal roof and sides with one pedestrian access door.

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